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re: STC Full/Minor Chapter Policy

STC Full/Minor Chapter Policy

This policy applies to all games where STC is tagged as a guild including active sanctioned chapters as well as unsanctioned minor chapters.

1) All High Council (HC) members and former HC members shall wear the STC guild tag and shall be tagged as game officers in any game in which they participate in order to maximize the number of people able to invite current STC member’s characters into the guild.

2) Unless they leave the guild as a whole (not just game), you shall maintain at least one character of every HC or former HC member in the ranks as an officer. While it is preferred to maintain all HC and former HC characters within the guild, it is recognized that some games have mechanics that might cause problems when there are non-active members in the guild.

3) As a HC member, you are required to maintain at least 1 character in STC, even if the game is unsanctioned and you join another guild in-game. (If needed, the HC member may create a low level character for this purpose, allowing their higher geared character to join another guild in-game.)

4) In a unsanctioned or minor game in which STC has no official presence, and the LP no longer actively plays, the in-game position of guild leader must be passed on to an active player or account. If no guild members remain playing the unsanctioned game, the person marked as the guild leader must be willing to re-activate the account and pass along guild leadership to another person (a HC member preferably) willing to act as an officer or a member if no HC member is willing to maintain an account. As a general matter of courtesy for circumstances requiring a reactivation of an account, the person requesting the position should offer to purchase a 30 day game card or 3 day pass to the person who is passing along in-game leadership

4a) If the person with the rank of Guild Leader (or Player Association leader, etc) does not wish to be burdened with reactivating their account, He or she should pass along the position of Guild Leader to the GP, a HC member, or a former HC member. If necessary, these individuals shall re-activate their account to receive the transfer.

4b) If the person with guild leadership in-game decides they no longer wish to play with STC, or actively maintain contact (such as giving up gaming altogether, leaving STC, etc), they must re-activate the account containing the character flagged with guild leadership and pass leadership to another active in-guild HC member (preference goes to the current GP; or failing that, to any current HC member, then to former HC members, or a long-serving Saint). If no members of STC currently play the game, then a member of STC (preference being a HC member) shall re-activate their account to receive the leadership tag.

A reminder to those playing unsanctioned games:
The guild bank and other guild property (such as the STC castle in UO) and their contents are by and large the property of STC and should not be used for personal profit or storage even of the last character remaining under her tag. Follow basic courtesy by replacing withdrawn items with like items: such as a class specific armor piece, skill, enchant, gem, etc. This gives members who might return in the future the same opportunities of item usage that current members enjoy.

Additionally, please remember the guild bank is not your personal storage box. You may use the guild bank to transfer items if you wish, but if you do place an item in the guild bank, it is available to anyone who needs the item.

(Policy adopted by the High Council of STC, September 2010.)
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