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Saints of the True Covenant is a multi-MMORPG guild with a 20-year history (founded in the fall of 1997), and we are in this for the long-term.  We started as Saints of the True Cross in Diablo and became Saints of the True Covenant in Ultima Online.  Many of our officers and members have been with STC for approaching ten years, and we are proud of this history. 

We accept members at all levels, and set no play or attendance requirements. We let you do what you want at your pace so you can play your game. We are not a hardcore raiding guild but we do raid and raid participation is always optional. On nights we are not in a raid we are usually running dungeons, questing, tradeskilling, or just having fun. 

You are welcome to poke around the website and learn a bit more about us, drop us a note, or request membership. Many of our members play a variety of games, however, World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic are our current Sanctioned Chapters.

Current Guild / Game Officers (updated 9/18/2018)
STC High Council World of Warcraft Chapter
Lothar - Alliance
 Minor Chapter
Grand Preceptor:  Lord Qordinn
Members:  Hybus, Delphinae, Thal/Stone, Yaroc, Gerhart
Advisors: Alresco, Dakari Itannar,  Sabreth, Sumner
Lord Preceptor: Lord Gerhart
Senior Chancellor: TBD

Saint Mentors
Lord of Saints:  Jethaya
Mistress of Saints: Dzydzilelya
-- Saint Advisors: 

Chancellors of Battle

Senior Battle Chancellor: Lord Gerhart
-- Battle Chancellors: Jleek, Stonestriker
UO - Atlantic
Everquest - Povar
Everquest 2
- Halls of Fate
World of Warcraft - Stormreaver - Horde PvP
Wyrmrest Accord - Horde RP-PvE
SW:TOR - Jedi Covenant
Rift - Deepwood
Star Citizen
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WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - July 2018

by Gerhart STC, 9 days ago

Welcome to the July WOW meeting.  I can't believe the next meeting will be one week before the expansion.  The summer seems to be going by quickly.  I know there's been some slow nights, including raids, but I anticipate that there will be a lot more people returning on August 13th at 6 pm.  I really haven't read much about the expansion so this will be a surprise for me.  There's still a bit of time to get some of those achievements like the Mage Tower and I read about pet battle tokens changing.  I'm sure there's many more changes coming, especially that stat squish.  I do hope to see all of you online on the 13th and beyond. 

Who's going to be playing their same main toons and others a new main?  


New Novices:




Officer Induction:


Award Nominations:



The raid team continues to work on the heroic bosses in Antorus.  With the artifact boost, we continued with a progression on Hasebel.  A change in game plan and a solid team of players checked that boss off.  I was proud of the team for adjusting and working hard and hope that we can take down a few more bosses before we officially stop raiding.  I will keep posting and running raids as long as people show up. 

If people are interested in an alternate Raid, there's always Heroic Tomb which we still haven't completed as a guild.  

I want to take this moment to thank all who have continued to attend raids and have made it an enjoyable experience.  We make mistakes and laugh about deaths and then try to improve.  At this point in the expansion, it's a team building experience and that's great for us.  

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