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Saints of the True Covenant is a multi-MMORPG guild with a 19-year history (founded in the fall of 1997), and we are in this for the long-term.  We started as Saints of the True Cross in Diablo and became Saints of the True Covenant in Ultima Online.  Many of our officers and members have been with STC for approaching ten years, and we are proud of this history. 

We accept members at all levels, and set no play or attendance requirements. We let you do what you want at your pace so you can play your game. We are not a hardcore raiding guild but we do raid and raid participation is always optional. On nights we are not in a raid we are usually running dungeons, questing, tradeskilling, or just having fun. 

You are welcome to poke around the website and learn a bit more about us, drop us a note, or request membership. Many of our members play a variety of games, however, World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic are our current Sanctioned Chapters.


Current Guild / Game Officers (updated 3/9/2015)
STC High Council World of Warcraft Chapter
Lothar - Alliance
Star Wars: The Old Republic Chapter
Jedi Covenant - Sith Empire
Minor Chapters
Grand Preceptor:  Lord Dakari
Adjutant: Lord Gerhart
Members: Droktavius, Hybus, Thal/Stone, Yaroc, Felonu
Advisors: Alresco, Delph, Itannar, Qordinn, Sabreth, Sumner

Lord Preceptor: Lord Gerhart
Senior Chancellor: TBD

Saint Mentors
Lord of Saints: Lord Tsuki
- Master of Saints: Jethaya
-- Saint Advisors:   Dzydzilelya
-- Events Coordinator:  Tsukinoo

Chancellors of Battle

Senior Battle Chancellor: Lord Gerhart
- Command Battle Chancellor: 
-- Battle Chancellors: 
Jleek, Stonestriker
Lord Preceptor: Lord Droktavious
Sith Chancellor: Lord Hybus
Lord of the Academy:
-Mistress of the Academy:
Lord of Battle:
Lord Droktavius
-Lord of Command: Lord Felonu
Trader of the Galaxies:

Everquest - Povar
Everquest 2
- Unrest
World of Warcraft - Stormreaver - Horde PvP
Wyrmrest Accord - Horde RP-PvE
SW:TOR Republic - Jedi Covenant
Rift - Deepwood

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WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - March 2017

by Gerhart STC, 44 days ago

Welcome to the March WOW meeting.  Thank you all for attending this meeting.  We're getting closer to 7.2 with changes on the PTR.  The raiding has been going well, more about that in a bit.  There's been a little decrease in the Mythic dungeons with Ilythion and Q not around as much.  I'd like to continue doing them if possible.  They are a good source of upgrades and are a nice way to be competitive and work as a team.  I hope everyone has been enjoying the Timewalking Dungeons.  They are a great reminder of the old content and it's nice to jump in with a guild group to get them done.  

I hope that everyone continues grouping together and working to improve their toons for fun and raiding.    

We are looking to change to Discord for our voice server.  Meetings and raids and groups should try to use Discord.  If you don't have it, please download.  Our Mumble server is up mid April and Discord will save the guild money as it is a free service.  It has a fairly straightforward setup and hopefully we'll get the permissions all straightened out.  Please look for the information to join Discord in-game.  We will try to post the information on the website soon.

New Novices:




Returning Member:  (from breaks)

Senth (Mathormac)


Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:



The raid team has been doing well in the Nighthold raid.  We've been able to down 8 bosses on Normal and 2 bosses on Heroic and are starting to work on the hardest bosses of the Raid in Normal and push ourselves on Heroic for more upgrades.  Please make sure to watch the videos in preparation for the fights.  Jleek as raid leader can only explain so much before it's lost on you.  Taking the time to watch the fight and taking some notes, make his life and our attempts better.  Raiding signups have been great and we've been lucky to have additional flexibility with alt specs who have been able to fill in when we're missing a tank or healer.  

Change to Raiding - We are going to start saving a few Alts to the first couple bosses on Normal so that we can skip those bosses in subsequent weeks and work on them only in Heroic for additional upgrades.  We are looking to push ourselves on Heroic which will help us with the Normal bosses.  I would say that we have the first 8 bosses on Normal on farm with Tichondrious and Star Augur pushing us a little still.  Saving an alt to skip bosses has been done in previous expansions and helps us to move forward faster to the harder content.  Also, we're trying to mix in Heroic level bosses so that people can get upgrades from the bosses we are farming there.  I think this provides a nice balance of progression and gives more potential gear upgrades.  

The second change is we are going to use one night as a invite only again as we get to the hardest bosses of Normal.  This hopefully helps us to learn and improve our strats for the fights.  As we did with the Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor, we will open up the raid as soon as possible so every get's their kill on Normal of Guldan.  Honestly, the hope is that we improve and get far enough on heroic that our improved gear and movement helps us to Guldan on Heroic.  This is a working strategy for the raids so please pay attention to the calendar for invites.  Also, please do ask Jleek or myself if you have any questions. 

Let's continue working hard as a team and improve ourselves and continue to progress and have fun!

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