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Saints of the True Covenant is a multi-MMORPG guild with a 19-year history (founded in the fall of 1997), and we are in this for the long-term.  We started as Saints of the True Cross in Diablo and became Saints of the True Covenant in Ultima Online.  Many of our officers and members have been with STC for approaching ten years, and we are proud of this history. 

We accept members at all levels, and set no play or attendance requirements. We let you do what you want at your pace so you can play your game. We are not a hardcore raiding guild but we do raid and raid participation is always optional. On nights we are not in a raid we are usually running dungeons, questing, tradeskilling, or just having fun. 

You are welcome to poke around the website and learn a bit more about us, drop us a note, or request membership. Many of our members play a variety of games, however, World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic are our current Sanctioned Chapters.


Current Guild / Game Officers (updated 3/9/2015)
STC High Council World of Warcraft Chapter
Lothar - Alliance
Star Wars: The Old Republic Chapter
Jedi Covenant - Sith Empire
Minor Chapters
Grand Preceptor:  Lord Dakari
Adjutant: Lord Gerhart
Members: Droktavius, Hybus, Thal/Stone, Yaroc, Felonu
Advisors: Alresco, Delph, Itannar, Qordinn, Sabreth, Sumner

Lord Preceptor: Lord Gerhart
Senior Chancellor: TBD

Saint Mentors
Lord of Saints: Lord Tsuki
- Master of Saints: Jethaya
-- Saint Advisors:   Dzydzilelya
-- Events Coordinator:  Tsukinoo

Chancellors of Battle

Senior Battle Chancellor: Lord Gerhart
- Command Battle Chancellor: 
-- Battle Chancellors: 
Jleek, Stonestriker
Lord Preceptor: Lord Droktavious
Sith Chancellor: Lord Hybus
Lord of the Academy:
-Mistress of the Academy:
Lord of Battle:
Lord Droktavius
-Lord of Command: Lord Felonu
Trader of the Galaxies:

Everquest - Povar
Everquest 2
- Unrest
World of Warcraft - Stormreaver - Horde PvP
Wyrmrest Accord - Horde RP-PvE
SW:TOR Republic - Jedi Covenant
Rift - Deepwood

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WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Sept. 2017

by Gerhart STC, 10 days ago

Welcome to the September WOW meeting.  7.3 is out, giving us new content and a whole new world - Argus.  There's more demons to kill, upgrades to be had, and a new dungeon in a week.   If you're looking for information on 7.3, MMO Champion is one of the best sites out there.  There's a PVP event scheduled, please sign up as we look to get two teams to duke it out for fun.  This is your chance to PVP in a less competitive environment.  We will also have a giveaway at the end of the meeting.  A big prize!  

Artifact knowledge is increased automatically which increases the amount of Artifact Power.  This means that if you are trying to catch up, it's a good time to do this.  You'll also want to make sure you unlock the content on Argus to get better gear upgrades.  There's a chance that buying a piece of gear from a vendor can supplement your gear with a lucky proc.  

New Novices:




Officer Induction:

We have a new Officer, Bluerain.  He has accepted the position of Battle Chancellor.  If you have been raiding with STC for through Legion, you have noticed Blue's voice helping with callouts and mechanics.  We're happy to have Blue on the team.  

Award Nominations:



The raid team has completed 9 of the 9 bosses in Normal Tomb of Sargeras.  Kil'Jaeden is still not an easy kill.  It doesn't take perfect play, but we do not beat the enrage timer by more than a few seconds.  We have also killed the first two bosses on heroic.  After the first two bosses, though, it is a huge ramp up in requirements for DPS and heals.  We do not appear ready to take on this next level.  Also note that Heroic has additional mechanics that are not present in Normal raids.  The additional mechanics and required DPS is certainly going to push us if we want to continue moving through Heroic.  

Please continue to make progress on your Artifacts.  We are strongly requesting that all raiders have at least Concordance 10 on their artifacts to help meet the requirements the next raid.  There are some catch up mechanics that should make this easier.  Also remember to work on those legendary upgrades using Writhing Essence.  These can be obtained from a weekly mythic+ dungeon, the first daily random heroic, completing an emissary...  


An anonymous donor has provided me with an opportunity that I don't usually have.  This is a giveaway that is beyond the mounts and pets that we usually offer during meetings.  The donor gave us 1,000,000 gold to be used specifically to buy the Bloodfang Widow spider mount.  This mount is available from the Mad Merchant a vendor who is on a respawn timer.  

The way we are going to handle this because it is a large giveaway is that we will have one random roll from everyone. The top 5 rolls will be selected and those people will roll again.  The top 3 will be selected from the second roll and one final roll will occur.  The top roll will be selected at that point.   

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