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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Aug. 2017


Welcome to the August WOW meeting.  I can't believe how fast July went by.  There's been a lot of hotfixes if you haven't been keeping up.  There's also a lot of information on the next Patch, 7.3, which is on the PTR including raid testing.  If you're looking for information, MMO Champion is one of the best sites out there.  Currently this week there is Lich King Timewalking dungeons - this was the first full expansion that I participated in.  The dungeons and raids were run an immeasurable amount of times and I am enjoying reminiscing about previous dungeons.  For those who haven't saved Chromie, there's that as well - including the pets and mount.  If you haven't completed and need some help, there's some great videos to help you complete.  I've seen some more legendary gear pop up in guild chat, which means hopefully that people are getting some of the legendaries that are better for their classes.  Raiding, has been going well, more to come on that.  


New Novices:




Award Nominations:



The raid team has completed 8 of the 9 bosses in Normal Tomb of Sargeras.  Kil'Jaeden is giving us a bit of a fit at the moment.  As I noted in last month's meeting, he is going to take additional damage and coordination.  After we got through the Avatar fight and had our first couple of attempts at Kil'jaeden, it looked like we may be close, but he avoided dying to us last week.  Currently, we are farming the earlier bosses for Tier gear and other upgrades to help push us over the hump.  We may even work a little on heroic bosses if we have a chance.  

Please continue to make progress on your Artifacts.  We are strongly requesting that all raiders have at least Concordance 1 on their artifacts to help meet the requirements of the bosses with Concordance 3 or 4 preferred.  There are some catch-up mechanics that should make this easier.  Also remember to work on those legendary upgrades using Writhing Essence.  These can be obtained from a weekly mythic+ dungeon, the first daily random heroic, completing an emissary...  

Let's all improve a little and take down Kil'jaeden in the week(s) to come!

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