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re: WoW Chain of Command

STC High Council

The Grand Preceptor - Qordinn is the final authority in all guild matters and retains the right to hold all trials. His primary purposes are to oversee the various guild chapters and ensure things are being done in line with our laws.

The High Council Adjutant - Gerhart fills the role of the Grand Preceptor in his or her absence.

High Councilors are the conscience of STC, and as such represent an advisory panel to both the Grand Preceptor and each game Lord/Lady Preceptor. High Councilors make themselves available to members who believe their concerns are not being addressed by the in game leadership.
Current High Councilors: DroktaviusHybus, Thal/Stone, Yaroc

Advisors are non-voting participants in the HC who through their years with STC have shown their loyalty. While they do not have a vote, their opinion is valued.
Current Advisors: Alresco, Delphinae, Itannar, Dakari, Sabreth, Sumner

WoW Senior Officers

For all questions/answers related to World of Warcraft, the buck stops with the Lord PreceptorGerhart. Any decision of hers regarding to in game rules is final. Her officer crew is his own, chosen by her, and as such is herresponsibility. Her primary purposes are to oversee the other officers, ensure things are being done in line with our laws, and lead us into the future within WoW.

Senior ChancellorQordinn is #2 in charge and in the Lord Preceptor's absence, has the full confidence of the Lord Preceptor to make decisions in his stead for decisions which require an immediate solution.  The Senior Chancellor's role is to assist the Lord Preceptor in his duties, as well as help in training/guiding other officers as directed by the Lord Preceptor. 

Lord/Lady of SaintsLord Jethaya is the commander of the Recruitment team.  Any/all questions regarding recruiting should be directed to the Lady of Saints, as well as any potential new recruits. In addition, the Lord of Saints is the one in charge of maintaining our ceremonies and is #3 in the chain of command except in situations of battle.

Senior Battle ChancellorGerhart is the leader of the Chancellors of Raiding team.  This person is in charge of scheduling our raids to help ensure both involvement and advancement for those who wish to raid. This individual's only real power lies in the raiding/battle environment and for all other matters fall behind the three listed above.  Any/all questions regarding Raiding should be directed to the Lord/Lady Senior Battle Chancellor.

WoW General Officers

The Master/Mistress of Saints - Mistress Dzy is the primary assistant to the Lord/Lady of Saints and will assist in the processing of Applicants and in regards to recruiting. In the absence of the Lord/Lady of Saints, the Master/Mistress of Saints will have proxy vote. 


WoW Saint Mentors

The Lord/Lady of Saints and Senior Battle Chancellor have Saint Mentors to assist them in their duties. These individuals can be granted full officer status or can hold a lesser status at the discretion of the Lady Preceptor.

The Battle Chancellors assist the Senior Battle Chancellor in his/her duties. 

Current Battle Chancellors: Jleek, Stonestriker 

The Saint Advisors assist the Lord/Lady of Saints in his/her duties and are assigned novices who they instruct in pertinent guild information. 

Current Saint Advisors: 

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