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re: STC High Council Charter

High Councilors are the conscience of STC, and as such represent an advisory panel to both the Grand Preceptor and each game Lord/Lady Preceptor. The High Council was assembled when STC became a multi-gaming guild as a resource for each Lord Preceptor in adapting STC's guiding principles to each specific game. Each High Councilor serves at the discretion of the High Council as a whole, with each game Lord/Lady Preceptor holding a seat on the High Council by virtue of their in-game position. If a new Lord/Lady Preceptor is an existing High Council member, the Lord/Lady Preceptor will automatically relinquish their existing position on the High Council. If this occurs, the seat may be filled via the normal process for nominating and confirming High Council members. If a Lord/Lady Preceptor steps down from being Lord/Lady Preceptor, they also relinquish their position on the High Council. All High Councilors have an equal vote.

Each High Councilor is an officer of the guild, and is expected to support the in-game officer team by demonstrating the attributes that we seek in our membership. Those who serve on the High Council do so because they have shown through long service to the guild, and to her members, that they care about STC, its ideals, and its state of being. Attributes of a High Councilor are:

•Demonstrates the "service before self" concept in both the games they play and on our message boards.
•Demonstrates our values by example in-game and on the boards.
•Accessible to our membership through in-game activities or our message boards.
•Has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the founding principles of STC.
•Demonstrates a willingness to serve to the fellowship in their daily activities.

High Councilors make themselves available to members who believe their concerns are not being addressed by the in game leadership. Members are especially encouraged to seek out High Councilors if they feel unfairly treated and if they believe that Game officers, including the Lord Preceptor, are acting outside the ideals of STC or are doing harm to the guild in the game they are in.

The Grand Preceptor is the final authority in all guild matters and retains the right to hold all trials.

Each High Councilor is expected to help guide and protect the fellowship by maintaining active status with the council. Active status can be maintained by:

•Active participation in a sanctioned, legacy, or probationary game, or
•Active guidance of guild operations by involvement on our message boards and at meetings (at large position only).

Active in-game participation is the most desirable of the above and is defined as spending an average of four hours per week in games which have a Lord Preceptor. Being active in-game with our members is the best method to know and understand the issues that face us, the personalities of our membership and the changes to the gaming landscape. High Councilors are expected to participate on the boards for the game(s) they are active in, assisting the game officers in any way they can. High Councilors are expected to offer counsel and ideas to the game officers as appropriate. Each quarter, High Councilors that are active in-game provide a quarterly ?State of the Guild? report to the Grand Preceptor.

Active guidance of guild operations by use of involvement on the message boards (and other means of communication) is also effective in aiding our fellowship. High Councilors that are not active in-game are considered "at-large" members, and are expected to review the boards for all games at least weekly and provide their observations to the respective Lord Preceptor. Each "at-large" High Council position demonstrates involvement by posting items to the general game boards, providing feedback to the game officers via the game officer boards (and private messages).

In addition, each HC member should affirm on a quarterly basis that they are both willing and able to continue service as a member of the High Council. This will be done via the thread on the High Council boards posted by the Grand Preceptor. As part of service, attendance at High Council meetings is required. If a HC member fails to maintain active status as defined above (in-game or at-large), or fails to attend three consecutive High Council meetings, without prior notice, the High Council will consider that member inactive.

In order to maintain a balance between HC members that are at-large and HC members that are active in-game, the number of at-large positions shall not exceed 25% of the total number of HC members. If this ratio is exceeded, the HC shall work with the GP in an evaluation to determine the activity level of the at large members and whether or not High Councilors should be added, or the current level of activity is adequate.

If a High Councilor cannot maintain active status, they should inform the High Council in advance of going inactive by use of the High Council Forum. If the forecasted period of inactivity is less than two months, the High Council may elect to place that High Council member on temporary leave. As part of this action, either the High Council (or member going on leave) will inform our membership of their status change. If a High Council member can no longer fulfill the requirements of the position, he/she should step down from the High Council by informing the High Council by use of the High Council forum. High Councilors who become inactive will be retired from service by a majority vote of the High Council, and may be replaced through the nomination process.

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