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re: Laws of STC

Laws and Game-Specific Rules

As no orderly society can exist without law, our Fellowship must adhere to certain principles to ensure that we are ranked among the most honorable gameplayers anywhere. No one in the Fellowship is above the law, even the Grand Preceptor. If a crime is alleged, those who would bring charges against the offender must first follow the Precepts laid out on our Guide to Problem Resolution. Mitigating factors in the crime may have a bearing on the verdict of guilt or innocence, and may affect any penalty given. This is divided into two parts: Law and Penalties. There are two classes of Laws, Capital Crimes and Conduct Unbecoming, each with its own penalties.

Capital Crimes

High Treason:
•Arbitrary player-killing or attempted player-killing of STC members or any player in a game, unless the game setting and tone makes this an integral part of the game.
•Using a character for unlawful or unsaintly purposes, or using cheats or exploits in any game.
•Theft or unauthorized use of property belonging to another honorable player, especially a fellow Saint.
•Public verbal abuse (disdain, ridicule, inflammatory statements) of STC leaders, members, friends, allies, rules, or polices. "Public" means dialogue on any message board or forum, IRC, ICQ, in-game meetings, mass email, etc.
•Membership in any other online gaming guild in a game where STC has an official, sponsored presence, except under unusual circumstances. Such waivers must be authorized by the High Council and will generally be granted only for special shards, realms, or servers in a sponsored game where the rules of play on those shards, realms, or servers is distinctly different from the norm.
•Revealing passwords to the site to nonmembers. Only LPs or their designated representatives may give new recruits access to the private area of the site.

•Recruitment of STC members to another guild or recruiting to such a guild while still holding membership in STC.
•Instigating or condoning acts of treason.

Conduct Unbecoming

Flagrant or habitual abusive, derogatory, or otherwise offensive language or acts, communicated in any form in any media. This would include, but is not limited to: recreational use of illegal or prescription drugs, hate speech against another's ideals or race, cursing, threats or stalking, over-indulgence of alcohol. A Saint recognizes others as being different than themselves and will be sensitive to age appropriateness with each subject matter. The in game leadership has the right to determine what language/actions fit into this category.

Deception or rendering of false information to STC officials.

Flagrant or willful disobedience to any legal order from a ranking officer.

Flagrant or willful disobedience to any established rule or law of the Fellowship.


For Capital Crimes:
•Expulsion from the Fellowship
•Temporary Revocation of Member Privileges.

For Conduct Unbecoming:
•Reprimand, Written or Public
•Demotion in Rank or Medal

Resignation and Readmittance

In this section “departure” covers both voluntary departure and guild removal by an officer or High Council member.

Departure from the guild in any chapter is departure from the guild in all chapters. Once a member has departed any Officers or High Council members that witness the departure must post in the appropriate forum so website access can be restricted accordingly.

STC does not, as a matter of practice, readmit members who quit once a 96-hour cooling off period has passed. If the time limit passes with no word from the resignee on a change of mind, or if it is confirmed by a Lord Preceptor or the Grand Preceptor, then the resignation will be accepted.

If a person who departs the guild wishes to return after the 96 hour cooling off period, the individual must receive the approval of the LP of the chapter from which s/he had departed. Unless the individual was a former HC member the LP has full discretion of re-admittance and the procedures therein to judge the individuals fitness for re-admittance. The LP may petition the HC for a review of an individual's re-admittance; should the LP choose to do so, then the case will be handled as if the individual was a former HC member as outlined in the following paragraph.

If the individual was a former HC member, then the HC must review the individual's case and provide an answer within 72 hours of receiving the petition. The final decision must be agreed upon by a quorum of HC members. If the HC fails to come to a decision within this time period the GP must make a final ruling.

Any former member that is re-admitted to the guild after the 96 hour cooling off period are barred from serving in an officer position of any type for 90 days, regardless of the conditions in which they left. This period shall not be extended unless the individual has been served disciplinary action since re-joining the guild. The Lord Preceptor has the discretion to extend this period based on the severity of the infractions committed.

Sharing/Selling Game Accounts that involve STC Member-Characters and Guild Property

Although our game accounts are our own, and we have every right to do with them as we please, it is important that we understand and accept the fact that when we use them as part of our guild activities, they become at least to some extent part of a whole, that being the STC guild and community of which we are/were a part. In keeping with our oath of loyalty to the Fellowship of STC, and the Code which we profess, it is necessary that we be responsible enough to inform the leadership of the game(s) we play of any changes made to the control of ownership of the account.

In short, all members shall be held responsible for the activities of non-members whom they know have access to their game accounts. Should any non-member access portions which are reserved for STC member-characters and/or property, the member will be answerable for any abuses or losses of said property that may ensue, except in cases wherein an account is clearly hacked, despite a member's good faith defensive measures. If a member permits a non-member family member to use the account's STC characters or property, he/she must be courteous enough to inform the game's Lord Preceptor/Grand Preceptor so they may be aware of the situation. They should also be humble enough to accept their decision of whether or not it is in the best interests of STC whether or not that they do so.

If a member wishes to sell or close his/her game account, and STC characters or property will pass to a non-member, it is necessary that the LP be informed of the change of ownership. If possible, the transfer of game accounts and property to STC members is strongly encouraged. If an account is transferred to a non-member, all STC guild designations must be removed before transfer is made. The member should announce the transfer on the appropriate game board as a matter of courtesy and convenience to notify other members the character they recognized as a member-character of STC in a specific game is one no longer, and is being played by a non-member.

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