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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - April 2018


Welcome to the April WOW meeting.  It's that time of year to celebrate with chocolate and bunny ears, Noblegarden.  If you haven't finished up your achievements or are looking to get the pets or mount, it's time to find those eggs!  There's a bit of a longer discussion about raiding a little bit later.  Those how have Alpha invites have been posting some info on the Forums.  Also there's info out there if you don't mind being spoiled.  I haven't kept up as much with the spoilers as I'm more focused on the current game and working on my own achievements and goals.  I would like to say that I'm encouraged by the amount of people logged on.  It's a great thing to see more than just a small handful logged on when I log on at night.  I hope that my play time picks up a little bit so I can enjoy a little more time in game with you all.

New Novices:




Officer Induction:


Award Nominations:



The raid team continues to farm Antorus on Normal and a few bosses on Heroic.  We're starting to see a lull in the signups.  We have enough players to support the raid, but I know some people are starting to get weary of raiding, especially on Normal.  We want to avoid burnout so if people have suggestions, we will certainly take them to adjust the schedule.  I would like to say, though, that we've progressed through 3 heroic bosses and may get our fourth in a week or so.  I'd like to keep working on heroic bosses if people are willing to.

As I asked in the last meeting - what do you want to do?  Do we mix in more Alt nights?  Do we go after some past Raids for achieves?  Or do we continue as we have and leave all the alternate stuff for the Monday raids with Bana.  We need your input as we try to keep everyone interested and coming to raids.  

I'd like to discuss some issues that have popped up recently.  We have a mix of raiders, some more serious than others.  Raiding is not a requirement of being a member of STC, but if you do raid with STC, we have some expectations that we spell out in our Raiding Forums.  We're very relaxed in general, but the requirements you should always fulfill:

Review fights prior to attending the raids

Come with at least 2 flasks, food, and pots (especially for progression bosses)

Your gear needs to be enchanted.  

For the two hours we are raiding (or less if you have a prior commitment), we expect you to be focused on the task at hand.  We all understand real life distractions occur, but we can't have people disappear with no explanation.  

I've gotten comments that the raid leaders have been a little lax for progression bosses, mainly heroic bosses.  There's been discussion of a "progression" team which focuses on evaluating movement, DPS, heals, and general ability to help the team succeed.  This comes about because it has appeared that some people are either distracted or not performing to their best ability.  Generally, we are a tight-knit group so we understand people's abilities.  I don't want this to be an issue and I know that a "progression" group can also become an issue.  I think we need to be open and honest with ourselves and ensure that we're working hard to help the team because no one player can down the boss.   


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