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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Feb. 2018


Welcome to the February WOW meeting.  Thank you all for attending this meeting.  

This has been an eventful month already with an Argus kill for STC, pre-order for BFA available, and Allied Races with pre-order.  The next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, will be out by September 21, 2018.  That means, we have several more months of raiding Antorus and that preparations for the next expansion will be discussed.  We'll discuss raiding further later in the meeting.  Love is in the Air is happening right now so hopefully people are getting upgrades for their Alts, new achievements, or maybe a new pet or mount.  The new Allied Races, with more to come, are definitely a welcome addition for some of our players who wanted a different look or a reason to level again.  :-)  I hope that everyone will join with us for the next expansion.  I'm not a huge fan of the horde vs. alliance fight, but I'm interested to see how this plays out.  Also, I'm definitely looking forward to increase flexibility with removal of the weapons from this expansion.  I know it required people to put significant effort into leveling weapons for multiple specs in order to provide flexibility to the raid team.  I'm always hopeful for the new expansion and hope that some people who stepped away for a bit make a comeback.  


New Novices:



Troppo, Convel, Slayspawn

Officer Induction:


Award Nominations:



The raid team has completed Antorus on Normal!  This is a great accomplishment as we really struggled with availability of people the couple of weeks and then struggled with the mechanics.  We changed up our strat a little and the team took Argus down.  It opened up the new quests in Silithus for those who don't attend LFR.  I'm sure we'll keep beating Argus to get loot as well as help others achieve their goal of the final boss kill.

What we do need to think about is what is our end goal?  Do we want to keep working to beat Heroic Antorus?  We've already taken down the first boss which is great.  Do we want to continue farming Normal and if so, do we have some Alt nights mixed in?  

Generally when we plan for the next expansion, we stop organized raids (by BC's) approximately a month before the expansion.  This gives people a breather to work on their Alts and have some down nights.  This doesn't mean we can't raid, just that it may be more fun raids than anything trying to progress.  

We also ask the question of whether you may adjust your main raiding toon.  With each expansion, there are always class changes.  Some are good and some are bad.  This doesn't lock you into that toon, but we want to know in advance so that we know we'll have enough tanks and healers and a good mix of ranged vs melee dps.  We do not require you to play a specific class or toon, but if we run into issues, we do ask some people to change in order to provide enough healers. 

A reminder to keep a lookout on the calendar for Bana's raid/achievement groups on Mondays.  Please sign up and give him feedback on what you'd like to see.  This can be anything from Anotorus to older content. 

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