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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Jan. 2018


Welcome to the January WOW meeting.  Thank you all for attending this meeting.  

January is a special meeting month as we have our Annual March of Memories.  We take this time to reflect on those that have passed on from this world.  This is not limited to Saints and can be about someone important to you in real life.  Please don't be shy and share your memories of loved ones with us.  This year at the end of the meeting, we will march our here in the basement in Stormwind Cathedral to the Deeprun Tram and then to the gates of Iron Forge.   

I also wanted to bring up something important that I missed this past year.  STC celebrated her 20th anniversary last year around October.  This is a tremendous accomplishment that STC as a guild has lasted this long.  I've only been here 9 years and there are others who have been here much longer.  If you peruse the website, you will see also see long term members who were a part of the beginnings of STC who do not play WOW post from time to time.  I'd like to recognize that in this day of gaming, it's amazing that through so many years, trials and tribulations...  STC has remained a thriving guild.  There were times, it was a small, sturdy group of players and other years it was a robust base for many players.  I'm proud to have been a part of STC and hope that all of you enjoy the camaraderie we share in this guild and currently in WOW.  

We have seen an uptick in new members which I think is wonderful.  I appreciate new people who can bring their experiences and joys of playing with them to STC.  We want to focus on the person behind the toon, not how well anyone plays.  We want members who have an appreciation for working as a team and realize that while we are not going to be the best raid or pvp team, we try and have fun together.  I hope that in this start of a new year that we continue to build and grow as individuals but also a a group with common goals.  We treat our fellow members with respect and extend that to our fellow player.  Yes, I know there can be players out there who do not share STC's ideals of respect, but we must behave in a manner that represents ourselves well and STC as a whole.  

New Novices:

Slayspawn, Thio, killwerwarlok, Josaryn



Officer Induction:


Award Nominations:



The raid team has completed the first 10 bosses of Antorus.  We really struggle with the Coven for a bit, but finally got it down.  We're on to the last boss in Antorus and hopefully with a few more attempts, we can get him down.  As we have gotten more attempts at bosses, we have move through quite quickly.  I'm seeing people receive upgrades that help them individually and the team prosper.  Please keep on working to improve your gear and concordance levels to help the team. 

Greater Invasions and new quests available in the Antorus Raid are other ways to improve gear.  Also please work on upgrading your legendaries to Item Level 1000 for additional buffs.  

After we defeat Normal on Antorus, the initial thought is to keep farming Normal to help new members and raiders who are a bit behind gear up and also start working on Heroic bosses.  The Heroic fights have additional mechanics and will definitely be significantly harder than Normal.  I'd like to receive some feedback from the raiders on their goals.  Also, if you're planning on attending raids, let us know the best night as we can change "farming" nights from Thursdays to Sundays to help the team get upgrades.  

As a side note, Bana has started a group on Mondays for fun.  This can be anything from Anotorus to older content.  Bana is looking for honest input and feedback of what you as members would like to run.  He can't decide it on his own and would like you all to speak up.  If it's an alt night, then do we have enough Alts for Antorus?  This could even be an alternative night for Normal runs for Alts and Mains who can't make the other raid nights.  It can be for achievement runs in order content.  It can be for the Heroic kills we haven't finished in the Nighthold, Trial of Valor, and Tomb of Sargeras.  Please, please, please help Bana out and give him some input so that he can help serve you, the members who are interested.  

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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Jan. 2018


Glad to see things are still moving along here at STC! I'm sad I missed the annual March of Memories, it is definitely something special and unique to STC and a testament to the bonds created through this community. I'm also pleased to see the new novices that have joined the WoW chapter, welcome to STC friends!

20 years really is an amazing accomplishment for any MMO guild, and hard to believe I've had the honor of being part of STC's history. The founders of STC have really built something and developed a culture that has withstood the test of time. New faces come in and see what is going on, see the amazing commadarie built here and step up to carry the torch forward.

Thank you Gerhart for your continued and steady leadership in STC and for ensuring the success of the guild, the WoW chapter and the players you lead.

Though I don't miss WoW, I do miss my guild. I carry the STC tag in Steam as I cannot fathom carrying any other. I am friends with several STC members of the past through Facebook, and cherish their friendship over the years. Maybe one day there is a new game that STC opens a chapter in that I have the time to join, but for now life is keeping me busy..but that's for another post.

Hail STC, hail her members, and hail her continued livelihood!


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