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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Oct. 2017


Welcome to the October WOW meeting.  We are starting to see a slow down in the amount of people logged on as well as those participating in raids.  I know there's some people taking vacations and others taking a break and others just busy.  Some are really looking forward to the new raid and others can't wait for Blizzcon to find out what the next expansion will be.  I see some people are still progressing their Mains and others are working on Alts or working on achievements.  It's a good time to find what you enjoy and do it.  If you intend on raiding in what is likely the final raid of the expansion, please make sure you keep working on your main.  We'll talk about that further in a bit. Note that if you are collecting veiled argunite, it's worth using it to get potential upgraded gear.  


New Novices:




Officer Induction:


Award Nominations:



The raid team has completed 9 of the 9 bosses in Normal Tomb of Sargeras.  Kil'Jaeden is still not an easy kill but he goes down a bit easier now that we know the fight and have additional gear.  We have also killed the first four bosses on heroic.  After those first four, the bosses get much more difficult.  If we have the team, we'll continue to attack Heroic.  Note that Heroic fights have additional mechanics that are not present in Normal raids.  The additional mechanics and required DPS is certainly going to push us if we want to continue moving through Heroic.  

Please continue to make progress on your Artifacts.  We are strongly requesting that all raiders have at least Concordance 10 and preferably 15 on their artifacts to help meet the requirements the next raid.  There are some catch up mechanics that should make this easier.  Concordance levels will help also with Netherlight Crucible which will buff our players.  It's important to keep working on Concordance if you want to participate in raids.  

I would suggest attacking Greater Invasions as the gear drops can be major upgrades.  I've seen Titanforged as high as 950 which will come in handy in the next raid.  Using the in-game group finder makes finding groups for both the Lesser and Greater invasions easy.  

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