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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - July 2017


Welcome to the July WOW meeting.  The new Raid is out as well as well as changes including Timewalking in the Black Temple, more events including Pet Battle Deadmines, and changes to classes.  It's been a great first 2 weeks of raiding.  We've also seen an uptick in mythic dungeons as people collect Writing Essence for upgrades to their legendary gear.  We  have also seen quite a few big raid nights.  We'll discuss more in the raiding portion.  It's good to see activity in both game and discord.  Summer often brings a lull so the activity is welcomed.  I hope this continues through the summer months as we look forward to 7.3 and Argus!  


New Novices:

Heebies, Taralom 


 Jeebies, Barricade

Award Nominations:



The raid team has been in Tomb of Sargeras the last two weeks and has completed 7 of 9 bosses.  The last 2 are going to take an uptick in damage and coordination.  We saw that the team was a little low on damage on the Avatar fight.  Please continue to make progress on your Artifacts.  Also, please do your research on the fights.  The videos have been posted and having an working knowledge of the fight allows for less down time as we progress through the night.    

We are strongly requesting that all raider have at least Concordance 1 on their artifacts to help meet the requirements of the bosses.  There are some catch-up mechanics that should make this easier.  Also remember to work on those legendary upgrades using Writhing Essence.  These can be obtained from a weekly mythic+ dungeon, the first daily random heroic, completing an emissary...  These upgrades will be necessary in order to push us through the penultimate boss of the Tomb fight and allow us to dabble in Heroic once we complete Normal.  

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