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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - May 2017


Welcome to the May WOW meeting.  We've seen new content drop since our last meeting.  Players are flying around the Broken Isles which has definitely been a nice change from ground movement.  We've seen changes to the Artifacts and there is more content to come.  I've seen people working on their Alts and going for achieves.  Dzy and I have enjoyed a little PVP from time to time and if someone is interested, you're welcome to join us in a random BG.  I haven't seen as many mythics being run but that's probably due to conflicts in schedule as the weather gets warmer and people are playing outside a little more.  We're doing well in raiding and enjoying some achievements as a break from the grind against heroic Nighthold.  


New Novices:




Returning Member:


Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:

Bluerain - Sacrifice 

Part of what makes STC what it is, is the sacrifices made by others in multiple facets. Such facets include, time, crafting materials, passing on loot that is a bigger upgrade for others than themselves, teaching, helping run guild events.

Bluerain was specifically nominated for his donation of time to gather herbs and make flasks and provide feasts.  Also in the background Blue has worked with myself during raids to offer suggestions for strategies and help out with calling out mechanics.  For these contributions, Bluerain has been awarded the Sacrifice Award.


The raid team continues to progress in the Nighthold raid on heroic level.  We've completed all the bosses on Normal with Guldan on farm.  We've also progressed through 5 bosses on heroic.  There's definitely a jump up after the 5 bosses we have beaten and it may be a little bit of a sticking point until we've gotten a bit more practice.  We continue to see upgrades in gear, especially our Artifact Weapons which help us progress.  We'll continue to farm heroic level for gear and tier items to help push us through to hopefully a Heroic Guldan kill.  


We had a couple nights recently were we took a break from the grind to work on some achievements.  I think this was a needed break as it gave us an opportunity to enjoy ourselves as well as work as a team for a greater accomplishment.  This required we go back to the Emerald Nightmare Raid on Normal.  We also worked on the Heroic ToV bosses.  Helya is waiting for us to kill, but she may be a tough cookie.  

As a note, some professions need Mythic Dungeons and even Raid bosses (normal or higher) in order to craft the legendary gear.  As a blacksmith, I need to go back to TOV to kill Helya.  If people are willing, this would also be a good break to help fellow guild members accomplish something as well as potentially get upgrades.  


I look forward to doing this content with you all!

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