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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Feb. 2017


Welcome to the February WOW meeting.  Thank you all for attending this meeting.  Due to my busy work schedule, I could not hold the January meeting.  This year, we are holding our Annual March of Memories in this our first meeting of 2017.  We take this time to reflect on those that have passed on from this world.  This is not limited to Saints and can be about someone important to you in real life.  Please don't be shy and share your memories of loved ones with us.  This year at the end of the meeting, we will march our meeting location in Stormwind through the Deeprun Tram, to the gates of Iron Forge.   

I am pleased to see much nightly activity in game.  Whether we are running Mythic+ dungeons or World Quests or leveling another Alt, I see a constant stream of chatter in Guild Chat.  This includes great info on recent or upcoming changes, forming groups, or just talking about food.  :-)  There's more content coming as we continue to tackle the current content.  I hope we can continue to have a great number of people as it makes forming groups and just chatting much more enjoyable.   

New Novices:



Skori - unfortunately he cannot make it tonight 

Returning Member:


Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:



The raid team has been doing well in the Nighthold raid.  We've been able to down 5 bosses and are starting to work on the harder bosses of the Raid.  I expect with a bit more attempts, we'll get a few more bosses.  Please make sure to watch the videos in preparation for the fights.  Jleek as raid leader can only explain so much before it's lost on you.  Taking the time to watch the fight and taking some notes, make his life and our attempts better.  Raiding signups have been great and we've been lucky to have additional flexibility with alt specs who have been able to fill in when we're missing a tank or healer.  

If you're looking to gear up, please think of joining the groups running Mythic+ dungeons.  The higher the rating, the higher the base item level you will get.  Also, even completing a +10 will net you a likely upgrade.  If you aren't sure how the Mythic+ works, you complete a mythic and receive a keystone +2.  Then you use that keystone for that specific mythic+ dungeon by putting the keystone in the font.  If you complete the mythic+ in time or well before, you can increase your keystone by the number of chests you receive.  Often with lower level Mythic+ like +2 and +4, it is possible to 3 chest.  Note with increase ratings, you get additional modifiers.  Some of those modifiers are harder than others, but a solid group can at a minimum complete a Mythic+10 and even potentially one chest it (like our first guild group did last night).  

Feel free to ask in Guild Chat if people are running mythic+ dungeons and advertise your keystone.  These upgrades from the Mythic+ dungeons have pushed people's item levels higher the Nighthold raid base item level.  Increasing your item level helps not only your performance, but the raid's performance as we are able to push through higher level content.  Let's continue to work hard and complete the Nighthold Raid.   

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