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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Dec. 2016


Welcome to the December WOW meeting!

As we approach the holiday season, we'll see fluctuating playing schedules as some people head towards family and others have a ton more time to play.  Maybe this is the time you get those mythic dungeons you have been waiting for or just grouping with people for the world boss.  I know many people are constantly looking to group for content, but it doesn't happen if you don't use Guild Chat and don't pay attention to it.  Also, if you get crickets, but you know there's a tank or healer who may want to do something, whisper them.  The worse they can say is that they are busy.  

There's an upcoming patch 7.1.5 which may shake things up a little.  I don't know exactly what is in the Patch, but do note that there are some balancing of classes and other changes.  Look out for for information on MMO Champion.  


New Novices:



Zelsara (returning)

Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:




The raid team has completed the Emerald Nightmare on Normal and is continuing to farm Normal bosses and beaten two bosses on Heroic!  We continue to improve and progress and hopefully will take down a third boss this week.

I wanted to get a feel for adjusting the raiding schedule so that we still have 2 nights of raiding around the holidays.  Christmas and New Years are on Sundays, so I was thinking of either a switch to a Saturday or Monday raid night.  Would people be in favor and be available?  We'll likely put up invites and see who can potentially attend. 

We have instituted a invite only team for the TOV raid currently.  We found that some raiders just could not meet the DPS and heals requirements for the raid.  The DPS requirement is approximately 175k dps sustained.  We post and review the logs to see how people are progressing.  As people gain more gear and experience and fill out their artifact trees, they will see an improvement in their DPS and healing.  Healing is a little more subjective, but we're finding that having trouble while healing and moving is a big issue for the TOV raid.  As I said to the raid team before this was implemented, it was not our ideal way of progressing through a raid, but it became a requirement in order to beat bosses.  Emerald Nightmare will continue to be an open raid and we are throwing out ideas to keep raiding as inclusive as we always strive for.  I struggle with decisions like this because I try to be inclusive for all raiding.  Please feel free to chat with me about it.  Please, though, try not to choose a raid night when I am helping to pull together a team.  I want to be able to sit in mumble and talk and give you my full attention.  I can't do that if I am getting multiple whispers.  

I highly encourage asking in guild for mythic and mythic+ dungeons.  Guild groups are always forming and it's a great way to potentially upgrade gear and challenge yourself a little.  We have several tanks who are looking to go and healers who are trying to improve gear and improve techniques.  Please don't be shy and use guild chat.  

One last comment.  If you signed up for a raid and the invite didn't come because you happened to be logged off at that moment.  Please do not sit on the sideline expecting an invite as it turns 8 pm.  Actively whisper the raid leader or myself to make sure that it is known you didn't get an invite.  I know that it was crazy the other night with lots of people logging in and out and some have gotten missed.  We don't want that and it hurts me to find out that someone was logged on but didn't say anything.  Please just speak up.  

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