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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Nov. 2016


Welcome to the November WOW meeting!

Has it already been a month since our last meeting.  It appears we've been busy with the new content including the additional faction, questing, world bosses, and always leveling artifact power and that's on top of raiding.  With Blizzcon on Friday, maybe there will be some additional WOW news on the horizon.  If you need info on that additional content from Patch 7.1, MMO Champion is a great place to find it.  Keep your eyes open for Guild Chat as people are always asking for help and/or groups for content.  If you're a little afraid of Mythic Dungeons, know that as our gear level, it's more like a Heroic Dungeon.  Go with a guild group and have fun!   

New Novices:



Ginny (Ginerva)

Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:




The raid team has completed the Emerald Nightmare on Normal and is continuing to farm Normal bosses and has even overcome our first Heroic Boss.  We've really come together as a team and it has taken some sacrifice either in the form of filling a new role or shifting in the middle of a fight to help the team.  It is greatly appreciated and helps the team move forward.  I want to congratulate STC's raiders on their accomplishments!  

Requirements for raiding:

The minimum Item Level is 840.  Also, we require that you complete your Order hall class quest.  This opens up the third relic slot on your artifact, and makes it significantly more powerful.   

We do ask that you bring flasks to raid as well as you best stat food.  If you have food or mats that can help the raid team, please put it in the raiding tab.  The raid team is trying to pull together the feasts, but right now, it takes significant materials and we may not be able to provide feasts.  

Raiders - keep an eye out for people grouping for mythics and mythic+ dungeons as they can help improve your gear and help practice your rotation.  Also, mythics are required for progression to be able to open up the new Karazhan Mythic Dungeon. 

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