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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Oct. 2016


Welcome to the October WOW meeting!

We have a whole month of Legion under our belt and some players have even gotten some Alts up to 110.  There's still a learning curve when it comes to the amount of things to do as you level and at max level.  We've seen consistent numbers in high teens and twenties and there's lot of chatter in Guild Chat.  Groups are forming for random heroics and world quests so keep your eyes open for Guild Chat.  It's been a busy month and I have enjoyed seeing all of the activity.   


New Novices:

Ginny (Ginerva)


Vine, Svanhild

Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:

Blinq - Duty Award



The raid team lead by Jleek has done a fantastic job of beating four bosses and are working on the fifth.  We've seen the raids include as many as 20 STC players and that's great.  People are still leveling their gear to catch up and raid and that's great.  I hope that all of you can join us at some point.  The minimum Item Level is 840.  Also, we require that you complete your Order hall class quest.  This opens up the third relic slot on all your relics, and makes it significantly more powerful.   

We do ask that you bring flasks to raid as well as you best stat food.  If you have food or mats that can help the raid team, please put it in the raiding tab.  The raid team is trying to pull together the feasts, but right now, it takes significant materials and we may not be able to provide feasts.  

See post Stone's post in the Raiding Forum for suggested item levels as well as last months meeting notes in regards to gear and where to get it.  Remember that there is always a chance to get an item upgraded to warforged or titanforged.  I 've seen some people get very lucky and get a titanforged piece from LFR which is better than you would get from Normal Emerald Nightmare.  It's all luck of the draw so please remember that some people have had lucky drops and the competition isn't to get the highest item level, but to get the gear to improve yourself to help the raid team overall.  Improve your movement and awareness and work on your rotation and the gear will come as you move through content.  

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