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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Sept. 2016


Welcome to the September WOW meeting, the first meeting since Legion has been released.  

The beginning of the expansion is a great time!  There's more to do than we can possibly achieve in our average play sessions and almost too much information to know about crafting, leveling, gear upgrades, quests, Class Halls...  This is when it's even more important to pay attention to Guild Chat.  People are sharing information to help others.  There's groups to do World Quests.  There's just a tremendous amount of chatter, and it's important to pay attention as someone may be trying to help you or get you to do something.  

This is also a time when we see some new faces and some old faces returning.  We've seen our numbers swell into the 20's for an average night as we work on leveling, quests, gearing up, and working on reputation.  It can be overwhelming.  Please if you have a question, do use guild chat.  Also, feel free to ask an Officer or one of our long-term members.  The people who have been here and done that may have some important info to share and can often answer questions.  

We will get on with the rest of the meeting which will feature a discussion on the soon to be implemented raids as well as introducing our new novices and newest Officer.  

New Novices:

Vine, Medeina, Svanhild, Trissful, Alenea



Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:




In just a short week, raids will open up for us.  The BC team has been working on the requirements for raids.  

See post Stone's post in the Raiding Forum for suggested item levels.  These should be considered minimums and only good teams will get through some fight content with this level of gear.  That said, don't just give up on people.  Many times, there are reasons for why a particular person has low DPS or healing issues.  For instance, if you only have one ranged person in the group, they will get targeted by all the ranged mechanics, meaning they have less time to do DPS.  However, this is STC, and if we give it enough thought and work together as a team, we can find a way to win.  It might just be a single change up that makes it possible.  As we get used to these mechanics, I am sure that it will get easier. Finally, remember that if someone is doing a new role, the mechanics are different, so it will ALMOST be like the first time for them.  Please be patient with these tanks, healers, and DPS.

Also, Mythic dungeons are HARD.  They are supposed to be a challenge and you need to know the mechanics of the fight and how to deal with them BEFORE you go into the dungeon.  Run them again and again on heroic.  The mechanics are MOSTLY the same, but the damage is less.  Yes, I know they don't give really good loot, but you can learn a lot of the mechanics there in a less stressful environment.  That said, don't let the lower damage done by the bosses and mechanics lull you into a false sense of security.  If you learn to ignore the mechanics there, you will probably get yourself and your fellow dungeon crawlers dead in the mythic version.

With raids coming up, we have made an educated guess as to what the gear level requirements will be.  We THINK 835 gear will be the sweet spot between having enough gear, and making sure that the gear we get is an upgrade for people.  It also gives people an achievable target. However, we may need to adjust the required level up or down depending on how the raids go.  It might be that they designed the normal raids to be done with 830 gear from LFR, or they want people to concentrate on Mythics and World Quests, meaning 840 or 845 gear is the sweet spot.  We also require that you complete your Order hall class quest.  This opens up the third relic slot on all your relics, and makes it significantly more powerful.


Suggestions for gearing:

Do world quests for gear.  Even if it's not technically an upgrade as shown, you might get a warforged, titanforged, or other upgrade/better secondary stats that make it an improvement over what you are currently wearing

Do world quests for faction.  Getting your faction up with the various reputations is a great way to improve availability of gear, especially nightfallen, but two factions at Revered also gives you an 840 item.

Do world quests for Order Resources.  Don't just use the resources for artifact research, but also upgrade all of your order hall set to 840.  It's a huge improvement in DPS just from the item level boost, especially the chest and leg pieces.  Yes, it's a lot of Resources, but there are a ton of them available via world quests at the moment.

Do world quests for artifact power.  Artifact power is not just getting a chance to crit, etc.  There are some really good survival traits, plus you get additional stamina for every level you have researched.  This also means you you need to be doing your artifact research.  Getting that started and keeping it ongoing should be your number one priority.  The first few increases are not much, but it starts getting big, FAST!

Run Heroic dungeons.  825 gear, plus titanforged or warforged will give you a decent chance at upgrades to get you raid/mythic dungeon ready.  Plus you get a nice artifact power boost.


Be patient, be understanding, and most of all, be there for your fellow saints.  We all want to see content.  To do that, we all need to be contributing to the overall success, not just be a carry.  That said, work to find a way to win. Not in spite of a person, but because that person IS beneficial, you just need to figure out the best way to use the player so that they contribute to the success of your group, dungeon, raid, PvP team, or Battleground.

Credit to Stonestriker for his effort in pulling together the info for raiding and assisting me in my own research. 

Amber S.

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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Sept. 2016


To give a heads up, I don't think I'll be playing as much as I have been. I'm rushing for a sorority at my school and if i get in that will consume most of my time. I will try my best to gear up. 

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