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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - July 2016


Welcome to the July WOW meeting.  Transition, that is where we find ourselves and what I would like to discuss.  

I found that I have had less time to log on than I expected with many a task and great weather; it hasn't yet reached the uncomfortably muggy 90's in MA, yet (until the night of the meeting that was).  STC has seen a lighter load of people logging on as we wind down from Warlords and anticipate the pre-expansion event of Legion.  This is a great time to work on achievements, collecting gold from Garrison Missions while it lasts, collecting pets, and prepping your transmog items for the Wardrobe.  It's also a time we see some decline in the load of online players.  With good weather and a lot of people doing a lot of outside activities, the significant times we see STC's players are for raids.  I'll get to what the transition means for raiding during the raiding discussion.  

I like this transition time because I can focus on my outside activities - picking fruits and making jam, making ice cream, and working on my home.  I know that others go to movies and enjoy amusement parks.  It's a good time to make sure when we are on, to look around and enjoy what Warlords was.  We've been a successful guild in many ways by focusing on our players, the person behind the toon.  We come from varying locations and have different beliefs.  At the same time, though, we have a focus on being good people who help one another, a family of sorts.  Sometimes we have disagreements, but in the end, we need to focus on the greater good and STC as a whole.  We need to not lose focus of this.  I know some people push harder for raiding and STC doesn't always move as fast as other guilds.  BUT, we do progress and get down bosses.  We strike a balance that is hard to find between casual and progression.  It's not always a perfect balance, but respecting one another helps to keep us focused and working together.  

As we look forward to our transition, we also need to look at how far we've come.  STC is a strong community that has held together because we do not become singularly focused and care about our fellow Saint.  Please do not forget this when you get frustrated at a raid or see a comment in guild chat.  Remember, none of us are perfect and that is fine.      

I want to speak a little about Fuzzy's request and my response on the forums.  Fuzzy asked to have an Alt in a Friend's guild from which he came originally.  Technically this is against the rules.  He outlined his case well in his post and his honesty is appreciated.  We've had people who have secretly been found to have Alts in other guilds.  I would much rather someone be honest and open.  The rule allows for family and bank guilds (family only) as well as role playing server, horde guild, and PVP server in relation to WOW - it may be different for different games.  Through discussions with the High Council, it was determined to have a trial to determine if we could modify the rule slightly and figure out rules that protect STC.  

The reason for the rule is to have people who remain in guild and are active because that's what builds community.  There may have been other reasons in the past, but that is my interpretation and why I fully support the rule.  It's not meant to push anyone away, it's to keep people who want to be here in guild and allow those who want to leave to go.  We don't just want to be a place where people park their toons and don't visit or who only come back to STC when we are successfully raiding.  We have a long tradition and the HC as well as myself want to keep STC going much longer than the 20 years that STC has been around.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask


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Transition raiding - this is where we are at...  We are still progressing through Heroic HFC.  We have had some smaller raids and even some people return to raiding.  This makes Friday night raids a little harder due to newer people who may not have the gear for progression.  Also, we've seen that some people have gotten busier and that's fine - as I said in the beginning, I have seen my play time reduced slightly as well.  The goal is to try and get to Heroic Archimonde - it's great to have a goal and hopefully we can achieve.  

We may not, though, if we see this reduction in raiders.  I would like to keep raiding until the pre-expansion event if we can.  I've enjoyed playing through the Heroic version of HFC and think it would be great to push ourselves.  I also know that some people may not be thrilled with fighting the same bosses.  We'll do our best to strike a balance, but please know that if you're (that's each person) not feeling raiding and need a break, please speak to me.  We can only go as long as we have a viable team and with at least a month to go, we can still progress.  

Friday night raids will continue to be our Open raids for those looking to gear up and progression.  Sunday nights, though are a higher item level and hopefully we are progressing through the tougher bosses.  


The raid team has beaten Fel Lord Zakuun and are going to work on Socrethar.  If you plan on attending the Heroic level bosses, first make sure you meet the requirements - please talk to a BC or Officer.  Second, please update all addons, especially Deadly Boss Mods and IskarAssist.  Also, I strongly request our raiders re-watch the raid videos to remember the mechanics and/or additional mechanics of Heroic HFC.  

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