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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - May 2016


Welcome to the May WOW meeting.  Has it really been a month since our last meeting?  Honestly, the time has been flying.  With raiding going well and plenty of things to do from Pet Battles to Mythic Dungeons, I have been keeping busy in game.  It seems like there isn't enough time to get everything that I could get done in game before Legion will be here.  I know some of you are ready and waiting, but honestly, take the time and enjoy what we have.  There will be changes and new content soon, but this is a great time to group up.  STC has seemed to grow stronger with our numbers for raids and just logged on, higher than it was.  It's really been great to log on and see so many people and get greetings.  I hope that we can continue to grow our group and support each other in all facets of the game.    


New Novices:




Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:


Gaias has been awarded the Valor Award which is Awarded for those that distinguish themselves in combat. These are the people that lead by example, being flexible and adjusting to the situation as necessary (switching to an offspec or character), by stepping up in times of need.  

Gaias has been glad to fit the need of the team whether it be heals or DPS and switch mid raid as needed.  With his ability to switch, we have been able to accept more raiders into the raid and still succeed.  As a raid leader, I greatly appreciate that he has offered to fill the role the raid team has needed.  Thank you very much for your contributions!


The raid team has put Archimonde on farm status.  For those who are looking to get into raiding or improve themselves and their gear, please attend the Friday night Raids.  This is where we can help those who may have fallen a little behind on gear.  The group also often has time to knock out bosses, besides Tier, who may help you improve your toon at a faster rate.  

The raid team has beaten the first two Tier bosses in Heroic and are now working on the Second Floor.  We hit a bit of a road block last week on Iskar.  This is a fight that we require an addon - IskarAssist to help with the mechanic.  Also, I strongly suggest our raiders re-watch the raid videos to remember the mechanics.  We seemed to struggle to remember the fight and that hurt some of our attempts.  Once we found our groove, we pushed the fight and came within a minute of killing the boss.  The DPS requirements get higher and higher as we move along.  Also, the movement that we take for granted in Normal now that we have bosses on Farm cannot be emphasized enough.  There is plenty of avoidable damage and ways for our raidersto help mitigate damage.  Proper movement will be essential as we continue to push deeper into Heroic HFC.  

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