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re: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - April 2016


Welcome to the April WOW meeting.  I don't know about you, but I am both enjoying the current time between the next expansion to do things like beat up on Heroic Hellfire Citadel, Pet Battling, and archaeology, as well as also looking forward to the new content of Legion. There's all sorts of information on Legion as the Alpha is still being tested and progressed.  As someone who reads, but hasn't played, it sounds interesting.  If you want more info on your favorite class and the potential changes or the new content, MMO Champion and BlizzardWatch are two great sources.  

I would like to share an awesome experience I had recently.  As most of you know, I am learning a bit about Pet Battling.  Just by asking about information, several members answered and gave tips - which is always appreciated.  In the end, Blinq, sent me an extra battle pet.  He could have sold it for gold, but instead handed it over for this novice pet battler.  I share this because it just shows how great our members are in responding if someone has questions and also how selfless they can be.  Please speak up if you have questions in Guild Chat and pay attention in case there's something you can share.  

We've seen some members return and it's been a great time to join in on activities like dungeons and bonus areas and just achievements.  I find this is the best time to get to know people you may not have chatted with before.  We have some great news which I will share in the raiding discussion.   

New Novices:




Officer Inductions:


Award Nominations:



The raid team has defeated the FINAL boss in Hellfire Citadel, Archimonde, a couple more times since our last meeting.  After we downed him this past Sunday, we went on to work on Heroic Hellfire Citadel.  He's a little stingy with those trinkets, but we will continue to work on him so that we can all get his upgrades for our toons.  In Heroic HFC, we downed 3 bosses, 2 of them new for STC.  This is a tremendous improvement over the last couple of weeks, and I hope we can continue the momentum.  

We are currently farming the Tier bosses only in Normal HFC, since it's the best way to upgrade gear and gives us the most bang for our buck.  This is both good and bad.   The good, is that we get through HFC Normal quickly.  The bad is we forget the mechanics on bosses we once had on farm.  This has made the transition to Heroic a little challenging.  Heroic HFC not only includes increased damage, but it has more difficult mechanics which were removed from Normal.  The hope is that we continue to progress through the Heroic level of the dungeon and then mostly farm the Tier bosses as well.  


There have also been suggestions to go back and complete heroic versions of both Blackrock and Highmaul.  If people are interested, we certainly can complete these raids.  Please feel free to talk to myself or another Officer. 

As a note, we do have some difficulties at times with changing raid teams - newer raiders and different players, but in general, our core team does a wonderful job helping to accommodate those who want to raid with STC.  I really appreciate the sacrifice our raiders make to bring in all STC's players as best we can.  

Just a reminder that collecting Valor is very important to upgrade those new gear pieces, including Tier pieces.  The more common ways include LFR, Daily Random Heroic Dungeons, Mythic Dungeons...  Also joining in on the Timewalking or Dungeon weekly events can net you an upgrade as well as 500 Valor.  The Valor can also be utilized to upgrade the legendary ring for 1250 Valor points.   This is worth it if you're close to max on Valor and enjoy doing Mythic and random Heroic Dungeons as I do.  Also note that Mythic dungeons give some really nice leveling heirloom trinkets that be used for your main toon and alts in Legion or on specific fights in HFC.  

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