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re: Showdown ( Warning for violence )


Killik stepped up behind her and pressed the muzzle of his pistol to the  back of her head, he muttered, "Stupid Gnome, bringing a knife to a gun  fight..." And he squeezed the trigger.

20 minutes earlier...

From a shadowed perch, she watched the Goblins advance through the trees.  Each bore a rifle with a sword and pistol on their belts. She counted eight as they passed under her. Holding her position, she waited for several breaths. Two more Goblins came forward, similarly armed, but with goggles over their eyes. In a silent, shadowy rush, she shifted between the trees and glided down to the ground, appearing just behind the Goblins.

Drawing two long bladed daggers from their sheaths on her belt, she attacked. The first dagger stabbed through his back, piercing armor, flesh and bone with barely any effort. The second blade came up and across his throat, cutting off any sound he could make as he died. Before his body could hit the ground, with another shift of shadows, she rushed the other Goblin. The first attack went in low, into his lower back, as her follow up strike drove a blade through his neck from the side, stifling any cry of pain. Settling the body to ground, she cleaned and re-sheathed her blades. And then shifted back up into the trees.

Watching again from among the trees, she waited patiently as they passed under her. As the last Goblin stepped past the tree she was on, she  shifted down the tree trunk. A gloved hand snaked out and covered the Goblin's mouth, cutting off any sound as a blade stabbed up through the bottom of his mouth, with the tip poking out the top of his head. She waited for any reaction from the others, and hearing nothing, dragged the body back into the shadows.

Grimsby turned and looked over his shoulder, and saw nothing. Raising his hand to call out to the rest of the squad, he felt something strike his vest. A soft beep sounded, then nothing as all sounds cut-off suddenly. As he tried to yell out a warning, he noticed movement to the side. A shape rushed forward, the shadows dissolving away to reveal a female Gnome dressed in the dark leathers, two blades in her hands. Bringing up his rifle, he managed to parry her first two strikes, but the third slipped past his guard, cutting a fine line along his right arm. Off balance from  the pain and shock, he stumbled backwards as two more strikes connected, his rifle falling to the ground from his numb hands. Backing into a tree, and too weak to resist, he watched as she advanced on him. Holding his head against the tree, she raised a blade to his throat. He closed his eyes as she pushed.

She dropped the body to the ground and rolled him over, face-down. A small disc is stuck on his vest, blinking with a soft white light. Clasping it, she quickly traced a pattern on its face, and the blinking stopped. As well the unnatural silence surrounding her and the now dead Goblin. Listening for anything other then the ambient sounds of the forest, she heard nothing. Tucking the disc into one of her pouches, she disappeared back into the trees.

"Yo! Boss!" Someone called out from behind him, much too loudly. Turning on his heels to yell about volume protocols, Killik eyed his squad. And stopped mid-thought as he counted only 5 of them. His second-in-commander, Rivrok, nodded and stepped up, "Yeah, Grimsby and Nilton are gone. No one saw or heard anything, but they haven't caught up to us yet. I've also tried to call Guster and Horus on the buzzbox, nothing from either."

"Alright, that means she's behind us, so no sense in moving deeper into these damn woods," he said, gesturing in the direction they had been moving. He pointed at two of the other Goblins, "Hemlock, Cruzzer, you two with me. Riv, take Skiller and Zerg. We'll circle back, eyes open for her or the others. Anyone of yous sees anything, fire a shot into the air." All of them nodded in understanding, and moved off in their groupings.

She made a mental note of the one they called Boss, and watched his group walk away. Then she went off to follow the other group. The three Goblins had formed a triangle, the one called Riv up front with the other two behind him, each about ten feet from each other. Jumping down from the trees, she landed in front of Riv. A blade sliced up and through the rifle he held in his hands, the two halves flying off in opposite directions.

Still dazed from the sudden attack, he fumbled for his sword but was instead spun around and held tightly by his hair, a blade coming to rest under his chin. Skiller had his rifle aimed at him and the Gnome. Zerg fired a shot into the air, cycled the bolt and also aimed it at him and the Gnome. "Better give up now girl, the others will..."

She cut off his threat, literally, by pulling her blade across his throat. Continuing the movement of the cut, she whipped her hand around and forward, throwing her blade at the Goblin to her right. Both Goblins fired as they saw this, with one shot striking Riv in the chest and the other going wide as the thrown blade struck Skiller low in the abdomen.

With a swirl of shadows, the Gnome appeared in front of him, holding the handle of the blade. With a quick twist and slash, she opened his belly  from side to side. Pushing off him, she launched herself at the last Goblin. Ducking low to avoid the clumsy swing of his rifle at her head, she sliced at his armpit in passing, spun on her heel and stabbed her second blade into his side, under his ribs, before rolling away from him.

Dropping his rifle, he clutched at his wounds, trying to stem the bleeding, his breath ragged and heavy. He turned to find the Gnome and saw her approaching, her arms down by her sides, blades out. Backing up, he tripped over his feet and landed on his back, his vision starting to grow dim. The last thing he saw before blackness took him was her face as she leaned over him, her green eyes hard and cold.

Killik raised his fist to signal a stop. Hemlock and Cruzzer came to stop  slightly behind him, rifles up and scanning the area. Ahead he could see three bodies sprawled out on the ground. With a wave of his hand, they slowly crept forward. Looking down at the first body, Zerg stared up with lifeless eyes, a pool of blood seeping out from under him. Walking over to the second body, he saw Skiller, on his side, with half his innards spilling out of his belly. Steeling himself, he turned his attention toward the last body, and saw not a Goblin, but a Gnome laying face-down. Rushing over, he rolled the body over. Who reached up and grabbed the  front of his vest, securing a line he had not seen. A line that suddenly went taut and pulled him toward the nearest tree.

Rolling and getting her feet under her, she dashed toward the other two Goblins. One of them fired his rifle at her. A blade flashed across her body, parrying the bullet, sending the ricochet off into the darkness. The other dropped his rifle and drew his sword. Hemlock worked the bolt of his rifle, taking a step back as she rushed toward him. As he raised it up to take a shot, she stepped into him, a blade coming up to knock the barrel aside, sending the shot wide. Pain blossomed in his gut as she stabbed him three times in rapid succession. Spinning around him, she stabbed one last time into his back, severing his spine, then turned to face the last Goblin.

Cruzzer charged the Gnome, leading with his sword. She dodged out of the way of his first swing. Parried and ducked under his second. She parried his third attack, forcing the tip of the sword into the ground. A step forward and she drove her blade into his chest, through his heart.

She trotted over to the tree where she had set the anchor for her winch trap and come to a quick stop when she saw the frayed end of a cut line.

Killik stepped up behind her and pressed the muzzle of his pistol to the back of her head, he muttered, "Stupid Gnome, bringing a knife to a gun  fight..." And he squeezed the trigger.

She spun clockwise on her heel, stabbing out with her blade. With a loud *tink*, the hammer came down on the blade where it rested behind the bullet in the chamber. Her other hand came up, burying the blade to the hilt on the side of his head. "Stupid Goblin, bringing a gun to the knife  fight..." she muttered.




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re: Showdown ( Warning for violence )




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re: Showdown ( Warning for violence )


No more gnome jokes for me!  :-P  Ginny is one tough cookie!

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