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re: Code of the Covenant

The Saints of the True Covenant was not created to bring together the most talented, strongest, most powerful players in the gaming world -just the best gamers in the world. Our goal is not to free the world of playerkillers. Our goals are much headier. We were created to bring together those who love pure gaming - meaning those who enjoy playing games the way they were intended to be played, without the help of illegal outside programs, without exploiting deficiencies in the programming, and without any type of shortcuts. We are better than that. We play all games in the spirit of Noble Church Knights (Templars/Paladins) and in Ultima Online, at least, we play our member character as one, regardless of type (mage, warrior, etc.). In every game, we live to serve each other, fight the good fight, and defend the poor and innocent - and have fun along the way. Saints would die before losing the faith of their brothers and sisters. One of the ways we keep the faith is by living according to our Code of Conduct:

Truth - We present ourselves to each other and to the community at large as honestly as we can - no boasting, no threatening; when we speak, our words resonant, our word is our bond. What we say, we will do. Another element of that Truth is that we play the game straight - no shortcuts. (There will always be debate about what a shortcut is; debate is healthy, the High Council will act as the Fellowship's Uber-conscious though. In the end, if we aren't sure whether it is a shortcut, exploit, bug or whatever the term du jour is, we should decide not to use it.)

Service - We will always strive to serve each other. Without you, my brother and sister, I am naked and alone. I will therefore do all in my power to aid you.

Honor - I will do nothing that makes my brothers and sisters look bad in the eyes of the world. Everytime I play a game as a member of STC, I am aware that people are watching. Some of them will want me to fail. Some will want me to cheat, lie, swear, kill unjustly, because in my failure they find justification for their misdeeds. But as a Saint of the True Covenant, I will strive to be honor-bound. I will strive for perfection, and when I fall, I will get back up and re-double my efforts. There is nothing more precious in all my on-line world than the Honor of the Covenant, and I will die before I break faith with my brother and sisters.

That is what The High Council of STC believes being a Saint of the True Covenant is. I would like to add that no one is perfect. But it is the Saints goal to "strive for perfection." It is my hope, that laying out the following codes in "Black and White" will point us toward that perfection. It is only a sign post; the true path to perfection lies in your heart. As a Saint it is your sworn duty to seek it out.

Our Code of Conduct

1) Respect your guild brothers and sisters. Do not argue maliciously or personally attack each other in guild chat. Do not bait, taunt or flame.

2) Treat members of the guild and the other residents of your world as you would expect to be treated. Dishonesty, cheating and theft will not be tolerated.

3) Do not kill steal from others or perform any act that would bring dishonor to our membership.

4) Do not sell items in guild chat. Accept items from other members in good faith with a reasonable expectation of using them. Intending to profit by selling the items is not good faith.

5) Effort should be made to attend meetings, events and raids. Attendance is appreciated but not mandatory.

6) If you leave STC, you may be readmitted at the discretion of the leaders or officers.

7 ) If you are unable to resolve a dispute with another member, request assistance from an officer or HC member to resolve it.

8 ) Ambiguities arising from the application of these rules due to unforeseen or unusual situations will be resolved by the leaders or officers. In the event of a rule requiring enforcement, the officers will exercise their discretion in determining a fair result after considering the relevant factors.

Lastly, what should you do if you see a brother or sister behaving in ways that are "Unsaintly"- Serve them, in honor and truth and faithfulness. Go to them privately and humbly, and make them aware that you saw something that bothered you, and that you would like them to think about how that action reflected on STC -would others think well of us for it, or ill?

Copyright © by Saints of the True Covenant All Rights Reserved.
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