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Gerhart STC
PostPosted: 2018/01/09 12:22    Post subject: WOW Chapter Meeting Notes - Dec. 2017

Welcome to the December WOW meeting.  This is the time of year where schedules become a little difficult not just for raiding but for group activities.  The good thing, we've started a new raid (more to come), and we've had an influx of novices.  With the holidays and the new year approaching, it's a good time to reflect on the past year.  STC as a whole has been busy with many people enjoying the Legion expansion.  We've had a few people take breaks and some come back after a brief stay away.  Raiding has been consistently strong and although we didn't get every heroic boss down, we continuously improved.  It's good to log on and see friendly faces and there's been a consistent 8-10 players on during peak times and sometimes up to 20.  Hopefully our influx of novices will only add quality members to STC and give us more people to group up with.  I'm appreciative of the group we have here and hope that we continue to treat each other and other players with respect.  Thank you for all of your contributions to STC and I wish you all Happy Holidays and soon a Happy New Year!

New Novices:

Troppo, Eineswie, Feldind, Convel (Luffy), Thio



Officer Induction:


Award Nominations:



The raid team has completed the first 5 bosses of Antorus.  We struggled with the War Council but pulled out a win and moved on to Eonar.  I expect that we'll be able to move faster through the bosses with more attempts.  Hopefully people are continuing to get upgrades and improve their Concordance levels.  These will help to push our DPS and HPS to levels which will make the later bosses go down easier.  While the requirement is Concordance 15, the goal is to maximize the Concordance to get all of the Netherlight Crucible buffs.  After that, additional Concordance levels are just additional buffs.  

Greater Invasions and new quests available in the Antorus Raid are other ways to improve gear.  Also please work on upgrading your legendaries to Item Level 1000 for additional buffs.